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The highest in Asia satellite communications antenna is installed successfully in

Recently, the Guangzhou Bureau of satellite communications earth stations international Indian Ocean, the Pacific satellite communication system back-up antenna diameter of 20 meters — Asia hoisting high the success of the international satellite communications antenna stands under the blue sky and white clouds.

  The project is the Ministry of Information Industry Ministry project in Guangdong Province by the Ministry of Construction in charge of Telecom Engineering. 39 Ministry of Information Industry, the production of the electronic bandwidth of 800M H z Mika塞格伦diameter parabolic antenna 20, is the world‘s most advanced satellite antenna. This antenna has become the highest in Asia after the success of the international satellite antenna. According to the project leader, in order to achieve so that the antenna at the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, a full range of all international satellites, the antenna specially designed to Taki 25.4 meters high, large-scale setting such a high antenna Taki, is rare in the world of. Antenna technology to meet the requirements of the construction, through a series of feasibility studies, tower design to the four major sub-oblique four-column form a strong framework of steel structures, seismic intensity for nine, in the wind speed was 56 m / s ( 12 typhoon wind speed of 32 m / s) without permanent deformation when Taki. After more than nine months of hard work, the project be completed on schedule and successfully passed the inspection, the targets were rated as excellent works. ?

  The 8 sets of antennas can transmit digital television programs and 2 sets of analog television programs, you can send receive data, if the road ID R-carrier 68, if the number has doubled in the terminal equipment configuration, if the road capacity can reach 16,320. Shows that the success of the project with Guangdong Telecom to assume difficult communication facilities construction strength and the Guangzhou Bureau of satellite transmission capacity has substantially increased, to improve the transmission quality, and expansion of new business has laid a solid material foundation.

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